Monday, June 29, 2009

Flower Basket Cushion

When my mother died, she left a lot of fabric and partly finished projects. One of the bits was a panel with some plain print to match. I decided to make this one into a cushion. I used light batting and quilted it, then sewed on a few beads. The inner cushion form is a bit too small, but I have a strong feeling that the fabric will shrink.

Anyway, this will likely go into our next sale as I didn't see Mom working on it and it has no sentimental value. My BH liked it, which kind of surprised me. He said it had an old-fashioned appeal. I like it because it is one more UFO item out of my large shelf of PIGs and PHDs!


sewkalico said...

You seem to be making a dent in those UFO's! Every little one counts!!

Margo in Maine said...

Stunning colors...great idea..